Decided each February, these UK craft gin awards are not so much about the gin distillation processes, the equipment or the number of botanicals used, but more about what the buying public have told us they like. In short, it’s about taste, aroma and enjoyment!

Like the simplicity of the gin awards themselves, the categories also reflect the areas the public identify and engage with.

The categories are:

  1. Best Craft Gin Above £39 RRP. Gold Award. Silver Award.

    – St Giles Gin
    – Marylebone Gin
    – Fishers Gin
    – 58 Gin
    – Halfhitch Gin
    – Forest Gin

  2. Best Craft Gin Under £39 RRP. Gold Award. Silver Award.

    – Cotswolds Dry Gin
    – Capreolus Garden Tiger Gin
    – Da Mhile Seaweed Gin
    – Tarquins Gin
    – Greensand Ridge Gin
    – Dorset Dry Gin

  3. Best Fruit Based Gin. Gold Award. Silver Award.

    – Warner Edwards Victoria Rhubarb Gin
    – Pinkster Gin
    – Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin
    – William Chase Seville Orange Gin
    – Slingsby Rhubarb Gin
    – Manchester Gin Raspberry Infusion

  4. Best Gin Liqueur. Gold Award. Silver Award.

    – Slamsey’s Marmalade Gin Liqueur
    – Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur
    – Anno Distillers Cranberry & Gin Liqueur
    – Poetic Licence Baked Apple & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur
    – HedgePig Rampant Raspberry Gin Liqueur

  1. Best Gin Mixer

    – Fentimans
    – BTW
    – Double Dutch
    – Luscombe
    – Franklin & Sons
    – Square Root London

  2. Best New Craft Gin Platform (Digital/Media/Retail)

    – Gin Magazine